Our experience at the Read House in Chattanooga earned a spot as chapter 1 in my most recent trade paperback book titled: Chasing Ghost Tales in Tennessee – author Tammy J. Poore. This book features 7 locations in TN reputed to be haunted where we found evidence or experienced paranormal phenomena. Of course The Read House made the list. You can buy the book for $10 online at my e-store https://www.createspace.com/3781502 or purchase it through Amazon.com search by title or author’s name.


2010 in review

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Haunted Room 311 in The Read House Hotel June 2010

The Read House Hotel – Chattanooga, TN. Haunted by Many Spirits.

(This page is used in conjunction with our main website http://www.paranormalspectrum.com)

Just type in “haunted Tennessee hotels” in your search browser and you will most likely find The Read House – or Sheraton Inn in Chattanooga, formerly The Crutchfield House built in 1847.

You will probably also learn that Room 311 is the most haunted room in the place. This is only partly true. The original room 311 has been moved, or sealed, depending on who you ask. The desk clerk who spoke to us said it was moved AND sealed when the remodeling took place. Some people say that room 313 is the actual room 311, but the desk clerk told us that the current room 311 is part of the original room where the murder of a woman almost beheaded by a lonely soldier in the bathroom happened, but  it is the bathroom where the murder occurred that actually is not in any room you can rent, it is between the walls, sealed from public access.

None the less, MANY guests and staff have seen shadowy apparitions, been awakened in the night by phantom hands, and captured odd anomalies in photographs and videos. In fact, a lot of guests leave early due to the haunting presence of a female spirit.

But the fact is, there are more spirits roaming the halls in the old part of The Read House Hotel. How can I be so sure?

In the Silver Ballroom we captured by camera dark manly shapes in two mirrors of the room, and clearly no one was there to cast a reflection.

In the hotel kitchen we captured a spectacular white orb- without the use of a flash, and with all natural lighting.

Not enough to convince you? We also experienced some odd occurrences. The first mysterious occurrence happened after I deliberately turned on the desk lamp just inside the entry, and staged the desk so that I would know if anything was moved. (Even took a picture.) When we returned, that lamp was off and the light in the kitchenette was on instead. I had to prove to the family with the photo on the camera that someone had messed with the lights after we left. Could it have been staff? certainly. But if they played games with us, they stayed  busy doing it all night long, because before we retired for the night we tried to call room service to request extra linens for our children to sleep on the foldout bed, but the phone in the room wouldn’t work. My hubby went down to the lobby and asked for these things and was told it would be brought to the room. While we waited, my husband called out on his cell phone to a friend, and my daughter did the same with her cell phone. Within minutes someone knocked. I went to the door expecting room service, but there was no one there.  I looked up and down the hallway, there was no one? That was spooky. And it was about another ten minutes before room service did bring the linens. Could it have been pranksters? Yes, of course.

But then,  the plumbing in this old part of the hotel made a lot of noise, even when we weren’t using the toilet facilities. Banging and bumping behind the bathroom walls. By the time we actually went to bed, my kids had become rather scared after hearing the noises that I attributed to the plumbing, and also feeling “watched” . So they didn’t stay on the sleeper sofa, they came to our bed.  I didn’t sleep well, myself, and though I didn’t see anything in particular, I heard voices (wasn’t too alarmed, we were in a hotel afterall), I heard  noises like a small animal’s toenails catching in the carpet. A few times I “thought” I saw shadowy movements, but when I investigated, there was nothing.  I never could determine if the shadowy movement was from my imagination, or if I had witnessed what many others also claim to have seen. But my  being female, it stands to reason that the spirit in room 311 would not disturb me or my children, it seems she is most interested in men, and especially has a discord for men who smoke. That is when she touches or awakens guests from their sleep.

            Finally we drifted off to sleep, to awaken a few hours later from heat. This is where it gets odd. Yes, there was 4 of us in this bed, and yes, that could have contributed to the heat, but  my bodywas drenched in sweat, it literally rolled down my skin, and my husband woke up feeling the same way within a minute of my discomfort, so he got up to check the air conditioner, and turn it to a cooler setting; he checked the wall thermostat and it read 69 degrees. There was no way it was accurate, because we were sweating. He put the setting on 66 and returned to bed. We didn’t even pull the thin sheet over us. It got hotter, and my kids woke up sweating. We actually got up for a little while, to cool down, which took a few minutes. We all felt uncomfortable, it’s any wonder we stayed the rest of the night. But let me explain a certain phenomena I am familiar with,  (I lived in a haunted house for a few years, that had burned and was built on the same foundation with some of the same bricks, and I know from experience that when a place has burned and is haunted, it can get very “hot” just the same as the “cold” spots that accompany most hauntings.) The Read House had burned  back in 1867, so I really feel that our experience with the heat was a paranormal phenomenon in itself.  So we waited it out and retired again.

            When morning came, my family and I were very grateful to see daylight,  the only noise we all heard that didn’t have an explanation was the sound similar to a woman moaning, and it seemed to rise right up from the bed. It made 3 of us startle and ask each other who made the moaning noise.

Maybe the personal experiences aren’t enough to convince skeptics. Maybe the photo of the orb isn’t too convincing, but the picture with the dark shadowy figures convinced me. I believe the Read House to be haunted. I believe it is haunted by more than 1 spirit. In fact, I believe the photo of the dark shadowy figure we captured to resemble a  soldier, and it seems others have encountered him, too.

The history of  The Read House hotel is rich with possibility for hauntings. There is of course the  prostitute killed in the bathroom, practically beheaded by a civil war soldier in the late 1800’s. That is the spirit mentioned above.  Or could that female spirit be Analise Wetterly? Brought to the room in the late 30’s by  a gentleman friend  where they quarrelled and she ended up dead after one was accused of an affair? It is said Analise took her own life in that same room, yet some believe her male friend murdered her and staged it to look like suicide. Maybe the spirit in room 311 wants the truth to be known.  

There is more history and death surrounding this great hotel; it was once used as a hospital for wounded soldiers, right where the main lobby is today, so there is a definite possibility that some guests have checked in, but never checked out.

It is a lovely place, in my opinion and many affluent visitors stayed in the hotel: to name a few; Ronald Reagan, Andrew Johnson and Winston Churchill for examples. Al Capone also stayed in room 311 during his days in court that convicted him. This room had bars on the windows from that time until its renovation in 2004. These bars can be seen from the window view of the roof from the room we rented, as witnessed in our videos and pictures posted on our main website linked at the top of this post.

Considering the fact that there are many instances where others have seen shadowy figures, and experienced strange things, coming from staff and guests, I think if you are interested in haunted hotels, maybe you should drop by and the spend the night in room 311 of The Read House Hotel. Please extend a greeting from me to the female spirit who resides there. We enjoyed our stay and hope you enjoy yours.

If you wish to see our videos, visit our main website, but this is 1 of 3 videos that we have on The Read House Hotel  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At-bgCF-jUY